How to Forget and Re-Connect to a Wifi Network

Technology Services updated the LUwireless  (used for Lawrence owned devices) and the LUfacstaffpersonal (used for personal devices) Wi-Fi networks.  This update was required to ensure that devices were making the most secure possible connection to the campus network.

Most mobile (phones and tablet) devices will not require any changes – they can detect and automatically adjust to the new settings.  Windows and Apple computers may require you to reconnect your device.

1. The device you are connecting must be a Lawrence-issued device or a student personal device.
2. You must be on campus to “forget” and reconnect to the LUwireless network.

Apple devices (laptops and iPads):

  1. Click on the wireless symbol in the top right corner. Select "Open Network Preferences" from the drop down.
  2. On the Network window, turn Wi-Fi off.
  3. Select Advanced... from the lower left.
  4. A Wi-Fi network page will appear. In the Preferred Networks list locate “LUwireless” if using a Lawrence owned device or select "LUfacstaffpersonal" for personal devices.
  5. Highlight “LUwireless”/ "LUfacstaffpersonal" and click the minus (-) button.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Apply in the Network window.
  8. Click Turn Wi-Fi On
  9. Click Apply again and close the window.
  10. Back at the desktop, click the Wi-Fi symbol and select LUwireless/ LUfacstaffpersonal. At the prompt enter your Lawrence username and password.

Windows 7 (laptops/tablets):

  1. Your WiFi symbol will show a red X through it indicating connectivity issues.
  2. Right-click on the wireless icon and select “Open Network and Sharing Center”.
  3. Select “Manage Wireless Networks” from the left-hand navigation panel.
  4. Scroll through the list until you see “LUwireless” if using a Lawrence owned device or select "LUfacstaffpersonal" for personal devices, select it. Click “Remove” from the selection toolbar at the top of the list. Close window.
  5. Go back to the list of available wireless networks in your lower right-corner. Find “LUwireless”/ "LUfacstaffpersonal" and double-click to connect.
  6. If you receive a Windows Security Alert prompt click “Connect”.
  7. If you receive a prompt to login, login with your username and Lawrence password.
  8. At this point you should be reconnected to the LUwireless/LUfacstaffpersonal network.

Windows 10 (laptops/tablets):

  1. Search for “Change WiFi settings” in the search bar. Select the Change Wi-Fi Settings option.
  2. Select “Manage Known Networks” from the right-hand navigation panel.
  3. Click on "LUWireless" if using a Lawrence owned device or select "LUfacstaffpersonal" for personal devices from the Wi-Fi network list and click the “Forget” button.
  4. Close the window and re-connect to the LUwireless/LUWireless by finding it in the Wi-Fi network list (bottom right corner).  Check the box to automatically connect and click the “Connect” button.   
  5. Enter your Lawrence username and password.  Click OK to connect.