At Lawrence, we believe that music is a birthright. This means that no matter who you are or what circumstances you are in you have the right to experience and participate in creating music. Music for All is the product of this mindset, and is the umbrella which houses all our outreach programs.

Through the Music for All initiative we strive to expand the impact of music outside of the concert hall, by bringing music into the community to engage the audience in new ways and often to get them involved in the music making process itself. Using music to build bridges we challenge students to think outside the box, to create new and innovative performance opportunities for themselves, to engage with their craft in new and expansive ways.

Through all this we lay the groundwork for them to create a musical life after Lawrence which suits their needs exactly, and is not simply a replica of what some might think is the life of a professionally trained musician.
Music for All is exactly what it sounds like; music, for everyone. Regardless of color, age, orientation, or ability. Music creating connections between people, expansive, inclusive, collective community creative collaboration.

Please explore the pages below to learn more about some of the various ways that the Music for All initiative is currently being manifested at the Lawrence Conservatory.