Fire Safety Systems, Student Housing

For a complete description of the fire safety system for each on-campus student housing facility click on the building below (PDF):

Brokaw Hall   Colman Hall   Hiett Hall                 Kohler Hall
Ormsby Hall   Plantz Hall   Sage Hall   Trever Hall
122 N. Union St.   128 N. Union St.   203 N. Union St.   206 S. Lawe St.
218 S. Lawe St.   300 S. Meade St.
711 E. Alton St.   712 E. Boldt Way   726 E. Boldt Way   738 E. Boldt Way
741 E. Boldt Way   742 E. Boldt Way   733 E. Alton St.
813 E. John St.