Lawrence University offers Rave Guardian. It’s a free mobile app for students, faculty, and staff that turns your phone into a one-stop shop for access to safety and community resources.

Use Rave Guardian to connect to Campus Safety and access important campus resources like Wellness Services, LU Safewalkers, Bias Incidents, and COVID-19 concerns, facility work requests, and so much more. You can set up a network or “guardians” by inviting friends and family to virtually walk with you on or off campus with a safety time. Your location is only shared with your chosen guardians and only when the safety timer is active. 

Enhance your personal safety and download the free Rave Guardian app today.

Download & Installation Information

Apple Store

Google Play

Use the links or go to your app store and search for Rave Guardian.

How to Use:
Once the app is installed on your phone, log in using your Lawrence credentials. **You must sign up using your email address.**

App Features:

  • Inbox: Receive important campus safety alerts
  • Call Directory: Find one touch phone access to important resources like Wellness Services, hall director on duty, LU Safewalkers program and more.
  • Safety Timer: Use this feature to activate your guardian network and share your location. Your location is only shared with your chosen network and only when the timer is active. Tell people you trust when you are starting a trip, when you expect to arrive, and when you reach your destination, so they know you are safe. 
  • Content Directory: Get quick links to key campus resources like Health Services, Counseling Services, Bias Incident Reporting, COVID-19 News and more.
  • Call 911: You can access 911 in the app. 
  • Call Campus Safety: One touch access to call Campus Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the RAVE Guardian app?
Any current student, faculty or staff member can use the app. You must sign up using your email address.

What if I stop during my trip or forget to turn off my safety timer?
When using the safety timer, the user will receive a reminder text message 5 minutes before expiring. If it expires, a message immediately goes to your chosen guardian(s) and they can call your cell phone. Campus safety is not automatically alerted—they must be contacted by your guardian.  

How do I ask people to be Guardians? How do I set up my Safety Timer feature?
You request contacts as Guardians. The Guardian will receive a text with a link to see your location while the safety timer is active. Members of the campus community who have downloaded the app will have access to the campus safety call feature in the app. If you ask a family member or friend who is not part of the campus community, you should provide them with the campus safety number. 

Is Lawrence or RAVE Guardian tracking me?
No. You have control over your privacy settings. The location information is enabled when you choose to make an emergency call or when your safety timer expires. Your Guardians will be able to track you when your safety timer is active. Your location is not monitored by Lawrence University and is only accessible to your chosen guardian network when your safety timer is active.