The procedures listed below are for the use of faculty, staff and student organizations. Lawrence University's facilities are reserved first and foremost for instructional activities, including, but not limited to, scheduled classes, convocations, ensemble rehearsals, concerts, theatre rehearsals and productions, tutorials and independent study/research in all areas.

How do I reserve a space on campus?

  • The event sponsor must first consult the online Lawrence University Calendar to ascertain whether the proposed event is in conflict with other activities planned for that date, time or facility.
  • If the date and space are open, the event sponsor will submit an online room reservation form, indicating date, location, event title and description, services needed and other information.
    • If the event should appear on the Lawrence University calendar, an indicator can be set on the online room reservation form.
    • If the event requires special services, (e.g., food, A.V. equipment, tables, or chairs), the event sponsor should indicate this on the online room reservation form.  The person making the reservation is responsible for the special services, food, tables, etc.
  • After the facility/room coordinator reviews the request, an email granting approval or denying the request will be sent to the event sponsor (or whoever submitted the online room reservation).  Approval must be received before the event is announced to the campus or outside public.

    Note: No room can be reserved until a request is submitted to the approving facility/room coordinator. Verbal agreement does not confirm a date.

How far in advance can I schedule an event?

Faculty, staff and student organizations should be aware that the following events are considered major institutional events and have calendar priority:

Alumni Board meetings
Board of Trustees meetings
Fall Festival/Homecoming
Honors Dinner
Performing Arts at Lawrence:  Artist and Jazz Series
Reunion Weekend
Scholarship Luncheon

Those interested in booking events for the *next* academic year are advised and encouraged to wait until after October 15th -- once the priority events have been set -- to prevent cancellation of space, etc. 

All other university groups may reserve dates and facilities between October 16 and March 1 of the preceding academic year. Community groups may reserve dates after March 1 for the next academic year.

It is recommended that event sponsors check calendar availability at least four weeks in advance of their planned event. If ticketing is necessary for an event, the event sponsor must notify the university box office and fill out a box office service contract no later than four weeks prior to the event.

What if my group is hiring an outside entertainer, speaker or service provider that requires a contract?

  • The event representative must submit any such agreement to the executive vice president for review, approval and signature. Only the university president and executive vice president may sign contracts obligating the university.
  • The event representative is responsible for meeting all terms of the contract, including payment and any and all applicable local, state and federal withholding taxes. (Note: Entertainers receiving more than $7,000 in fees must complete a 6% Wisconsin Nonresident Withholding Tax form. Contact Financial Services for more information.)