The LU Alert System is one of several Lawrence uses to communicate in the event of an emergency. It provides Lawrence with an enhanced ability to communicate quickly to large numbers of students, faculty, staff and emergency contacts using multiple communication channels—email, office phones, cell phones and text messaging. The system is tested once each term, and campus will be notified in advance of any test.

The four categories of LU Alert are: Notice, Shelter-in-Place, Lockdown, Evacuation. Alerts will generally not include detailed information on the unfolding situation. Follow the instructions delivered in the LU Alert as quickly as possible.

To ensure that you are notified of a campus emergency via cellphone, please verify that your cell number is listed on Voyager. Please note that the delivery of messages via cellphones may be limited by the capacity of some network providers. We also advise you to add the LU Alert number to your contact list to ensure that you recognize messages from the alert system.

In addition to the LU Alert system, the Lawrence University website and primary social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) will also be used to share information with the community in an emergency situation.