Registration Instructions

Registration on the Lawrence University Network is necessary in order to access the Internet, printers and shared document folders across campus. Follow this guide sequentially to successfully register your personal computer. If you need assistance, please contact the Helpdesk.

STEP 1: Wireless Connection

Lawrence provides the LUwireless network in all residence halls and academic buildings, as well as many other places on campus.  Other wireless access points are NOT permitted on the Lawrence network as they can interfere with the Lawrence wireless network. 

  1. Turn on the built-in wireless adapter/AirPort by clicking the AirPort icon in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting Turn WiFi/AirPort On.
  2. Click on the WiFi icon again and select the LUwireless from the available networks lists.
  3. Enter your Lawrence username and password in the fields and click OK.
  4. Your  wireless connection should now be complete.


All computers must have current operating system software in order to register on the LU Network. Please follow these steps to ensure your operating system has the latest software updates. (Note: Although you will not have access to most of the Internet until your computer is registered, you WILL have access to operating system updates.)

  1. Click Apple – About this Mac.
  2. Click Software Update. Wait while Apple checks for updates for your computer.
  3. Run available updates.


Technology Services strongly encourages anti-virus however, on an Apple computer, this is not required.  If you prefer, you can use any other antivirus program that you like.

NOTE: You can reduce the risk of getting malicious software by using software from reliable sources. In Security & Privacy preferences, this allows you to specify the sources of software installed on your Mac.


  1. Open a web browser (Safari preferred).
  2. In the URL bar/Search bar type in a non-frequently used site such as, or
  3. A Lawrence University Network Device Registration page will appear. Once you have the Acceptable Use Policy click Agree to continue
  4. Select the link "student personal device registration".
  5. Enter your Lawrence Username and Password (this is your Voyager/LU email password).
  6. Select appropriate device that you need to register and click Download.
  7. Go to your Downloads folder at the top right of your webpage and run the Bradford Dissolvable Agent. If not located in the top right go to your downloads folder.
  8. Click the PDF/Bradford Dissolvable Agent.
  9. A box will appear Click OK
  10. Go to your Apple (top left of your computer) - Click System Preferences.
  11. Go to your Security & Privacy  (shape of a house)
  12. Click on the General Tab you will see a button click Allow Anyway.
  13. A new webpage will appear and configure your device.  Once completed restart your computer.
Note: OS 10.7.5 (Lion) or Later users:  Third party applications must be allowable.  If your computer did NOT come with the Microsoft Office,  log into your LU Email/webmail and download  Office 2016.  If you have any problems with downloading the Office suite stop by the helpdesk located in the Library on the second floor, room 201

Connect to Your Personal and Campus Share Spaces


  1. On your desktop from your menu bar select Go - Connect to Server.
  2. In the address field type: smb:// (webmail/voyager smithj)
  3. Be sure to Click the plus (+) button to create as a favorite, then click Connect.
  4. Enter your Voyager/LU username and password at the prompt
  5. Click your own user folder from the list and select File – Add to Sidebar.

To reconnect in the future, click your user folder in the Sidebar.


  1. On your desktop from your menus bar select Go – Connect to Server.
  2. In the address field type: smb://
  3. Be sure to Click the plus (+) button to create as a favorite, then click Connect.
  4. Enter your Voyager/LU username and password at the prompt.
  5. Click your class folder from the list and select File - Add to sidebar.

Campus Printing

To encourage sustainable decision making that results in reducing waste, Lawrence has implemented a yearly print allowance for all students.  Each student will receive an annual print allowance of $300.00.  This Print Allowance is maintained in the campus printing system and is separate from all other accounts including Viking Gold.

To Print on Campus

  1. From your computer or mobile device you can upload files using the Web Print option by logging into
  2.     From click on Web Print
  3.     Click on Submit a Job
  4.     Select a printer to print to and click Print Options and Account Selection
  5.     Enter number of copies to print
  6.     Click Upload Documents
  7.     Upload documents to print and click Upload & Complete