Guidelines for connecting gaming or streaming media devices to the network:

1) Devices must support WPA2 Enterprise security.  This is very common and supported by most phones and all windows and apple computers.  Support on other devices will vary.  If a device does NOT support WPA2 Enterprise it will NOT be able to connect to the Lawrence wireless network.

2) Televisions, streaming devices and gaming devices are NOT supported on the wireless network.  We will allow registration of wireless only gaming devices but will not support the device or troubleshoot performance issues with wireless gaming devices.  Purchasing a wired (Ethernet) option for the gaming device is strongly encouraged.  

NOTE: Televisions and streaming devices are NOT allowed on the wireless network and must be connected with a wired Ethernet connection.  Chromecast, FireStick and similar devices that only support wireless connections will not work on the Lawrence University network.   The Amazon FireTV, AppleTV or any television, streaming device that supported a wired Ethernet connection should work fine.


Streaming media players (ex. Apple TV, Roku, smart TVs and Blu-ray players) may only be used as a WIRED network connection. If you have a device which is wireless only connection such as Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Echo, Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast, you will NOT be able to use it on our network unless it supports the WPA2 Enterprise security (see above guidelines). This is very common and supported by most phones, all windows and apple computers.  Note, some of these wireless-only devices may have an adaptor available that would make them "wired". If you have the adaptor then your device may be registered.

NOTE: You may need a minihub if you are connecting more than one device to the wired network.  Minihubs are available for checkout from the Technology Services Helpdesk, Library 201.

Registration Instructions for Streaming Media Devices

Streaming Media Devices must be registered manually. NOTE: Streaming media players (ex. Apple TV, Roku, smart TVs and Blu-ray players) may only be used as a WIRED network connection.

To register your media device please an email to The email must contain your username, the brand/manufacturer of the device and the WIRED mac address.

Registration Instructions for Gaming Devices

Registration Instructions for all mainstream gaming systems.

Note: All devices must be registered via "WIRED" connection. A wireless connection will not work.

  1. Plug your gaming console into the network and turn it on.
  2. From a computer on the student network (not a Lawrence-owned lab computer) that is already registered, access the following link: Register my game console.
  3. Follow the instructions on the registration pages.
  •     Enter your username and password.
  •     Enter your  MAC address (ex. 00:00:00:00:00:00) of your game device. This can be found in the system/network setup of your gaming device.
  •     Select the type of game device.

    Click Register.