To encourage sustainable decision making that results in reducing waste, Lawrence has a yearly print allowance for all students. Each student will receive an annual print allowance of $300.00.  This print allowance is maintained in the campus printing system and is separate from all other accounts including Viking Gold.  The $300.00 print allowance will allow each student to print 2,000 single sided (1,000 double sided) black pages at no additional cost to the student.   The allowance can also be used for making photocopies and color printing.  Color printing has a higher cost and will use the print allowance more quickly.  The purpose of the print allowance is to help decrease excessive printing and the associated costs. After a student exhausts their annual print allowance, any additional print costs will need to be paid by the student using Viking Gold.


Quick Print:

From your computer or mobile device you can upload files using the Web Print option by logging into

Frequently Asked Questions about Printing at Lawrence

How much print allowance do I get each year?

Each student is allocated $300.00 to be used with campus printers.  This will allow each student to print 2,000 single-sided, black pages each year.   Most Lawrence students print well below 2,000 pages each year so this allowance should meet the printing needs of almost all Lawrence students without incurring ANY additional costs.

How much will I be charged for printing one image/copy?

Each page a student chooses to print has a cost:

  • Black & white, single sided prints are $0.15 per side
  • Black & white, double-sided prints are $0.30
  • Black & white, single sided 11x17 prints are $0.30 per side
  • Black & white, double sided 11x17 prints are $0.60
  • Color, single-sided prints are $0.40 per side
  • Color, double sided prints are $0.80

Each time a student submits a print job the cost of that job will be displayed on the release station.   The student can then decide to print or cancel the print job.  If the job is printed then the cost will be deducted from the print system balance.  If the student does NOT have an available balance in the print system the funds will be deducted from the student’s Viking Gold balance.  If the student does not have any funds in Viking Gold they will not be able to print.   Funds will need to be available in Viking Gold in order to print after the initial $300.00 print allowance has been exhausted.

Where are print stations located? 

Lawrence University has print stations in each of the major residence halls, the Mudd Library, the Warch Campus Center and in many academic buildings around campus.

Students have three options for submitting print jobs.   A print job can be released at ANY of the print station locations listed for each print queue.

The three print options are:

  1. Lawrence_Printers – Using the print queue "lawrence_printers. Used for black-only printing in major residence halls, the library and large computer labs locations.  This is the most commonly used option for printing.
    1. Library 1st floor and 2nd floor near ITC computer lab
    2. Warch Campus Center- 4th floor computer lab
    3. Colman Hall – Lobby lounge and North Wing Lower Level
    4. Hiett – Room 220
    5. Kohler – Lower Level Room 1
    6. Ormsby – Lower Level Room 25
    7. Plantz – Lower Level Room 7
    8. Sage – Lobby Lounge
    9. Trever – 1st floor near lobby lounge
    10. Briggs Hall 4th Floor Stats Computer Lab
    11. Main Hall – 1st Floor Humanities Computer Lab
    12. Music Drama – Lower Level computer lab
    13. Briggs Hall – Psychology/Anthropology computer lab
  2. Lawrence_HPprinters – Used for black only printing in smaller residence hall computer labs and for specific academic computer lab locations.
    1. Brokaw – 3rd floor, Northeast Corner
    2. Executive House 300 S Meade St – Lower Level lounge
    3. Briggs Hall – 2nd Floor - Econ computer lab 
    4. Briggs Hall – 1st Floor – CAS Computer Lab
    5. Chapman Hall – Hurvis Film Studies computer lab
    6. Steitz Hall – 1st Floor Room 128 Computer Lab       
    7. Youngchild Hall – Geology Computer Lab  
    8. Steitz Hall – 1st Floor Room 130 Lab printer
    9. Wriston Art Center – Lower Level Computer Lab
    10. Steitz hall – Room 227 Chemistry
  3. Lawrence_Copiers_Color – Used for submitting color-print jobs.  Color printing is available in the Library 1st Floor and Warch Campus Center 4th Floor.  NOTE:  Color printing incurs higher costs.

How long will a print job be available at the printer waiting to be released?

When a print job is submitted to one of the Lawrence print queues the job is held until the student authenticates at a Print Release Station and approves the job for printing.  If print jobs are not released within 30 minutes of submission, the print job is automatically canceled. 

How do I release a print job?

  1. From a print release station authenticate your identity.  This is done by either swiping your LU ID card or login with your username and password.
  2. A screen will appear showing your print quota balance and your jobs. Select the job to print and click Print.

How can I check my print allowance balance?

The best method for checking your print allowance balance and your printing activity is to login at  The print system allows you to see your current print allowance balance, your Viking Gold balance as well as your printing activity, any jobs your recently submitted to print and allows you to submit jobs to be printed using the Web Print system.

When you login to the print system your current print allowance balance is shown in the top left side of the screen.  Your Viking Gold balance is also shown below your print allowance balance.  Remember when you login at a print release station your print allowance balance AND your Viking Gold balance are added together to show your total available print balance.  The Print Allowance Balance and Viking Gold are two separate accounts and the balance in one account does not impact the balance in the other account.

Can I add money to my print allowance?

NO. Additional funds cannot be added to the Print allowance balance.  You can still print after the $300.00 print allowance has been exhausted by using Viking Gold funds to pay for all additional printing needs.  Viking Gold funds can be replenished at any time so you should always be able to have access to printing services.

If I do not use my entire print allowance can I get a refund or use it next year?

No.   The print allowance is just that - an amount designated for printing during a specific academic year for your printing needs.  This allowance is reset each year on August 1st.   This allowance cannot be used for any other purpose.

Can I print from my personal computer? How?

Yes.  Students have two options for printing from your own device:

From your computer or mobile device you can upload files using the Web Print option by logging into  (Supported file types: Microsoft Office file, rtf, txt, PDF, bmp, dib, gif, jfif, jif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff XPS xps)

Remember that all major residence halls have a computer lab and print stations, which are 24-hour access facilities. Lawrence students can use their student ID to gain entrance to the residence halls, computer labs and print stations.  The Warch Campus Center computer lab, Seeley G Mudd Library and academic computer lab facilities can also be used for printing.

When does the annual print allowance reset?

On August 1st of each year the print allowance will reset to $300.00.

What happens if I have a campus job where I need to print?

Your campus job should not be using your student account to print.   In most cases you should have an campus job account that you login to your work computer with to access your work account and printing with that account for work purposes will be tracked using your work account not your student account.  In some special cases you may use your student account and print at a specific printer that does not incur any printing cost and does not use your available print balance.

I need to print for my student organization – how do I do that?

Each student organization has a unique print system account to be used to submit print jobs.   Each student organization has a $100.00 print budget to start the academic year.  At the end of the academic year the total print budget used will be charged to the student organization's account.  Student organization leadership will need to carefully manage the student print account credentials to avoid abuse.

The best method for submitting print jobs for student organizations is to use the Web Print system.  Logging into the system using the student organization print account will allow you to upload and submit documents for printing using the student organization print account.