Technology Purchasing

Technology Services receives academic discounts on multiple types and brands of technology-related products, and we are delighted to extend word of these discounts to the Lawrence community. We hope this site will prove to be a beneficial resource for you! Follow the below links to compare prices and purchase online.  Lawrence University and Technology Services are sharing this information only  - we cannot provide any assistance with any questions or issues you may encounter working with these vendors.

Vendor Higher Education Purchasing Programs


Lawrence is part of the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. WAICU offers discounted purchasing programs for current faculty, staff, and students via journeyEd online. Purchase software at significant discounts. Or, choose from a variety of hardware, books, bags, accessories, and more.


Choose from a wide variety of software, hardware, peripherals, accessories, and components at discounted pricing. Go to CDW-G on Campus.


Choose from a wide variety of photography and video equipment, software, hardware, peripherals, accessories, and components at discounted pricing. Go to

Manufacturer Higher Education Purchasing Programs


Receive up to a 15% discount off pricing. Go to Lenovo's Higher Education website.


Apple's educational pricing program offers discounts of approximately 10%. Go to The Apple Site for Higher Education and select Education Store for more information or call the Apple education store directly at 1-800-800-2775.

LU Purchasing Programs for Faculty & Staff

Microsoft Office & Office365

At this time faculty and staff members have available to them the option to download Microsoft Office for free through Office 365. For more information see our Office 365 page.

Computer Purchase Loan Program

Lawrence University also has an employee computer purchase loan program. This program allows faculty and staff to finance a computer purchase with an interest-free loan! For more details, please contact Human Resources at 832-7466.