Large Format Printing

A note about poster printing:

  • Since printing these posters is so expensive please check and re-check your poster before submitting it to be printed.
  • A typical 36 x 44" poster costs about $40 at Office Depot to print. The Lawrence Printshop charges student organizations $30 for a 36x44" poster and for $20 for a 24x36" poster. There is no charge for academic-related posters.


  1. PowerPoint can be used as a page layout program to design large posters. It offers a familiar interface in which to create and position text blocks and graphics.

    Click here for a 44" by 36" PowerPoint Poster Template
    Click here for a 24" x 36" vertical PowerPoint Poster Template
  2. It can provide a convenient starting point for a standard size poster of 44" by 36" long. Users are encouraged to personalize the design and layout to best suit their work. Note, that the large format printer uses paper stock with a maximum width of 44".
  3.  When your poster is finished (as a PowerPoint or another page layout program file) it should be converted to a standard PDF file format. This step will best insure that "What You See Is What You Get" and help minimize the chance that different fonts will be substituted and lines of text will reflow or shift in the printing process. Check the pdf file properties to confirm the size of the poster is correct and has not defaulted to an 8 1/2" x 11" letter size.
  4. Proof the PDF of your poster (spelling, etc.) very, very carefully! Reprinting a poster because of a typo is a costly mistake and will cause delays in the printing process.
  5. When your poster is ready to be printed complete the form below and submit it.
  6. Please allow two business days for printing. Posters submitted after 3pm are considered as being submitted the following business day. If rush processing is needed please contact the Technology Services Helpdesk, 920-832-6570 to make arrangements. To make special arrangements for a class or a group of students that will need to have posters printed at around the same time, faculty should contact the Technology Services Helpdesk in advance, so necessary preparations can be made.
  7. Once the poster has been printed an email confirmation will be sent to your Lawrence email account. Posters can be picked up at the Mailroom at the Warch Campus Center.

If you have any questions please contact the Technology Services Helpdesk at 920-832-6570 or

Poster Printing Request Form

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