Advising For The Jazz Emphasis Degree

The Jazz Emphasis Degree can complement two majors:

  • The Major in Performance (Piano, Strings, Guitar, Percussion, Winds) with Emphasis in Jazz and Improvisational Music
  • The Major in Composition with Emphasis in Jazz and Improvisational Music

Admission to both degrees may be granted to a limited number of students upon successful completion of classical qualifying examinations and with approval of a referred selection committee. Following successful completion of the respective Performance or Composition qualifying examinations, no later than the end of Term III of the Sophomore Year, all the jazz emphasis candidates must pass the Jazz Emphasis Qualifying Examination (JEQE) no later than the conclusion of Term I in the Junior Year.

Both, jazz emphasis students in Performance and Composition must present a Half Recital during the Junior Year and a Full Recital (equivalent as your Senior Experience Project) during the Senior Year.

Required Media Projects for both Jazz Emphasis Degrees includes:

  • Downbeat Student Award Application
  • Assembly of a Self-Promotional CD and/or Website

For more information contact the program chair; Jose Encarnacion, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Jazz Studies.

Recommended Sequence