*Fall 2024 information and requirements will be posted Spring/Summer 2024.

Sign up sheets with audition times will be posted on jazz faculty office doors during Welcome Week.  Audition requirements for each instrument are listed below.  Audition results (combos and big bands) will be emailed to all students.

Let us know at your audition if you prefer to play in:

Both a large jazz ensemble/big band AND a jazz small group/combo
         - Large jazz ensemble/big band only
         - Jazz small group/combo only


LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY JAZZ ENSEMBLE 3:10-4:20 M&W and  4:40-5:50 Thursdays

LAWRENCE JAZZ BAND 3:10-4:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

JAZZ SMALL GROUPS/COMBOS meet twice weekly for one hour TBA.

Participation in these groups is a three term/all year commitment unless you are studying off campus or graduating early.  Below are the specific audition requirements for each instrument. Feel free to use online backing tracks, and if improvising on a Bb blues, include two or more choruses.  Please contact the studio professor listed below if you have additional questions.

SAXOPHONES:  José Encarnación

1. Play a solo transcription of your choice
2. Improvise on a Bb Blues
3. Play a short excerpt on any doubling instrument (s) you play. (flute, clarinet, etc.) Clarinet excerpt.pdf,   Flute excerpt.pdf

TRUMPETS:  John Daniel 

1.  Moten Swing is required at all auditions  "Moten Swing".pdf

2.  One transcription to be chosen individually.  Students may play their own transcription, find one on their own, or play any one of the following transcriptions provided.  "Four" Miles Davis.pdf,   "Autumn Leaves" Chet Baker.pdf , "West End Blues" Louis Armstrong.pdf or "Struttin' With Some Barbecue" Louis Armstrong.pdf  It is essential to listen to the recordings of these pieces.

3.  Improvising on Bb Blues is strongly encouraged but not required.  It is a requirement for anyone wishing to participate in the combo program.

TROMBONES:  Tim Albright  

  1. PlayGroove Blues by Jim Snidero or a standard or transcription of your choice.
    a) Listen to a recording of Groove Blues (pan left to play along).
  2. Improvise over an F or Bb blues (Optional)

PIANO:  Bill CarrothersPatty Darling

1. Play a standard (your choice)-can be improvised or a transcription.

2. Improvise and comp over a Bb Blues (optional)

GUITAR:  Steve Peplin

1. Play a standard (your choice) and comp and improvise on Bb Blues
2. Sight-read (melodic and harmonic)
3. Play a transcribed solo (your choice) along with recording

BASS:  Mark Urness

1. Walk and solo on Bb Blues
2. Optional: play a transcribed solo along with the original recording

DRUMS: Jean Carlo Urena Gonzalez

1. Demonstrate various styles that you are familiar with (i.e. bebop, samba, baiao, mambo, songo, bembe, funk in odd meter)

2. Prepare a transcription or improvise a short solo in any style.


1. Prepare a transcription or improvise a short solo in any style.