Academic Advising Holds

Advising holds will be reset in the registration system before each registration period. A hold will be created for every advisor-student pair. An active advising hold will prevent a student from making any registration transactions in Voyager. When the hold is "released" in Voyager by the advisor it indicates that the advisor and student have had a conversation about the registration changes to be made and the advisor has given the student her or his best advice on the matter.

Exception: In the spring term for the first round of advance registration for the next academic year, advising holds will not be set for students attending off-campus programs or on leave of absence.

Viewing Advising Holds

You can see the status of advising holds for your advisees using your "List of Advisees" in Voyager. Students can see advising and other registration holds on their "Check Registration Times & Status" page in Voyager.

To Release a Hold for an Advisee

Select the following links after logging into Voyager—

  1. Faculty Academic Services
  2. Advisor Menu
  3. List of Advisees

Use the "Release" link in the "Advisor Hold" column and follow the directions on the next screen. If the "Advisor Hold" column is blank, all advising holds on the student have been released.

To Release a Hold for Any Student

Department chairs acting as temporary advisors when members of the faculty are ill, out of town, or not reachable by a student needing assistance can release advising holds for any student. In an emergency any member of the faculty can release an advising hold. It is expected that such individuals releasing holds, will contact the original advisor about the situation and the matters that were discussed.

Select the following links after logging into Voyage—

  1. Faculty Academic Services
  2. Advisor Menu
  3. Administrative Advising Menu
  4. SELECT TERM (use the current term)
  5. SELECT STUDENT (Hint: Type in a few letters of the student’s last name and end with %. "Submit" to create a drop-down box of Lawrence students from which to pick a name.)
  6. Release Student’s Advising Hold

View Advising Hold History for Your Advisee

You can see the history of advising holds (when they were set, and when and who released them) for one of your advisees by using the Adminstrative Advising Menu.