Registration Hints for Students

Each student is responsible for maintaining an accurate class registration record with the Registrar's Office.

If you change classes, (a section change is a class change; switching music lessons from 6 units to 3 units is a class change) while registration is open, you need to correct your schedule in Voyager. If you desire to change classes after the class change period (first five days of classes) of the term, you will need to submit a petition to do so (see registration instructions). If you have a problem with Voyager, you should notify the Registrar's Office immediately. Instructors, advisers, and others cannot register you for a class. Only you can add/drop courses to your schedule.

Courtesy counts!

While we use technology in many ways, Lawrence is a place that values face-to-face exchanges and conversations. Not all of your registration and other business can be conducted by email or Voyager. You may need to meet with faculty advisors and instructors. Be sure to introduce yourself. Be sure to give your name (full, not nickname) and ID in writing to an instructor if you are asking for approval to register for a class, even if you've had a class with the instructor before; make it easy for them. If you need to find a professor's office, phone, or email use Find.

Plan ahead!

Plan to add courses that may need approval with plenty of time for instructors to approve.  Also, if you have an advisor hold, meet with your advisor early to ensure your hold is lifted prior to your registration time.  

Take advantage of available resources

Use the resources on the Web (see the navigation bar on the left for some resources) to learn about requirements, rules and procedures and find class options.

Know your deadlines.

Read the Important Term Dates and Deadlines page and check your 'Check Registration Times & Status' page in Voyager BEFORE each term begins.

'Submit' your changes!

When you make changes on the Voyager "Add/Drop Classes" page, including selecting the waiting list option, always click on the "Submit" button to send your changes to the data system. Review the results on the screen carefully and take action on any errors.

Review your schedule carefully.

Check your schedule in Voyager every time you make a class change, at the beginning of classes each term, and on the last day of the add/drop period (fifth day of the term). Be sure to look at meeting times and instructors to make sure you are in the intended section. If you are on the waitlist for a course it will appear on your schedule with a rank number. Being on a waitlist is NOT the same as being registered for a class.

Check your degree summary and future schedule after grades are posted every term.

Assess your progress and direction at the end of every session. Seek advice from your academic advisor and other faculty often.