Registration Hints for Faculty

Watch for useful links at the bottom of Voyager pages.

Use multiple windows

During heavy advising periods open one browser window for the class schedule and schedule search, then open a second window for your Voyager session. Switch between windows as needed.

Set the expectations of the students by telling them when you will have an approval recorded.

Students can register in Voyager at night and on the weekends during registration periods.

Giving approval to register to students on a waiting list

Waiting lists are to be reconciled at the first class meeting.  Approval to register for students on a waiting list must be recorded in Voyager after the term has started. If you record your approval before the term begins the system will not allow the student to register. Please be sure to remind your students they must use Voyager to register for your class after your approval is recorded.

Viewing the class schedule

During heavy advising periods, open a window in your browser and navigate to the class schedule. Leave the window open so you can move back and forth easily. The schedule search function is a useful tool for collecting lists of classes by categories other than subject (intro, speaking-intensive, etc.).

Quickly find a course description

Course descriptions are maintained in Banner and can be viewed through the class schedule display.  Just click on the title link.  If the course is a topics course the descriptions for all offerings will be listed.