Enrollment Verifications

Students needing verification of their enrollment at Lawrence University should contact the Registrar's Office. Forms for verification for insurance, scholarship, and other purposes should be submitted well before deadlines as verifications are processed after each term begins. Enrollment verification for students with federal loans is accomplished through the Student Loan Clearinghouse.

Enrollment can be verified only for the current term and any previous terms the student may have attended. In cases where a student must have their enrollment verified for the entire academic year, enrollment for future terms will be described as provisional and will be based on the student's advance registration for the terms in question.

Certification of full- or part-time enrollment status is based on the number of units for which a student is registered. Students attending a regular 10-week term session must be registered for 15 units for full-time status, and at least 9 units for half-time status. Students attending a semester session (for example, student-teaching, ACM/GLCA off-campus programs, etc.) must be registered for the equivalent of at least 21 units for full-time status, and at least 14 units to maintain half-time status.

We cannot verify enrollment for students on leave from the university, except for prior terms in which the student was in attendance.