Course Numbers

Prior to the fall of 2001 Lawrence used 2-digit course numbers. Courses numbered 20 or above were considered upper-level courses. Beginning with the fall term of 2001-02 Lawrence converted to 3-digit course numbers. These can be interpreted as follows:

100-199 Introductory Courses

These courses generally do not require prior study unless they are part of a sequence, such as introductory language or mathematics courses. This level includes courses introducing students to the discipline as well as any topical courses aimed at non-majors.

200-399 Foundation/Gateway Courses

These courses represent the second tier of work in each discipline and might include methods courses and introductions to sub-disciplines. Typically these courses are not appropriate for entering freshmen, but in some departments they might be appropriate for continuing students with no prior experience in the subject.

400-599 Advanced Courses

These courses include seminar series, special topics courses, and advanced work in sub-disciplines. Students enrolling in advanced courses are expected to understand the basic methodology of the discipline.

600-699 Capstone Courses

These courses include the culminating work in a discipline, and are not appropriate for students who are neither majors nor minors in the discipline.