Course Credit

Lawrence University operates on a 3-term calendar (September to June) and uses a term-course credit system. A standard course is valued at 6 Lawrence units. A normal course load for a term is three standard courses, or 18 units. Some departments offer fractional courses and the credit earned in tutorials, independent study, and internships varies and is determined by the instructor of the course. The smallest amount of credit recorded is 1 Lawrence unit.

Prior to the fall of 2001, credit was recorded in term courses. A standard course was one credit and fractional courses were reported in sixths.

A term consists of 10 weeks of instruction and one week of exams. The normal class period is either three 70-minute sessions or two 110-minute sessions per week. A standard course (reported as either 6 units or 1 term course credit) is the equivalent of 3.333 semester hours or 5 quarter hours. The laboratory components of courses in the sciences are not listed separately on transcripts. Laboratory courses in the sciences are equivalent to courses at other colleges valued at 5 semester or 8 quarter hours.

Credit attempted and credit earned plays a role in the evaluation of academic progress, eligibility for grants and scholarships, load deferments, veteran's benefits, participation in sports and co-curricular activities, insurance (car, health), etc.

Academic Class Standing Lawrence Units
Freshman 0 to 47
Sophomore 48 to 101
Junior 102 to 155
Senior 156 or more
Minimum Credit Required For Degree Lawrence Units
B.A. 216
B.Mus. 216
B.A./B.Mus. 270
Time Status Lawrence Units
Normal Load for Standard Term 18
Full-Time (standard term) 15 or more
Three-Quarter-Time (standard term) 12 to 14
Half-Time (standard term) 8 to 11
Less than Half-Time (standard term) 7 or fewer
Normal load for Off-Campus Semester Program 27
Full-Time (semester program) 21 or more
Three-Quarter-Time (semester program) 16 to 20
Half-Time (semester program) 11 to 15
Less than Half-Time (semester program) 10 or fewer