Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Regulations

University regulations govern the academic progress of students, the welfare of the community, and the equitable and orderly conduct of the university. On occasion, however, individual circumstances may warrant exceptions to established regulations, and students may petition the appropriate office of the university or university committee for such exceptions.

Petitions for exceptions to university academic regulations should be directed to the Faculty Subcommittee on Administration via the registrar or dean of  academic success. The Faculty Subcommittee on Administration meets once a week when school is in session to review and act on petitions. A standard petition form (pdf) for this purpose is available on the web. 

A petition for an exception to an academic regulation should contain a clear and detailed statement of the exception requested and the special circumstances that are the basis for the request. Students should review their petitions with faculty advisors and others who may be involved, such as instructors, departments chairs, or deans, and seek their approval. Petitions must contain the signature of the student's advisor(s) and, depending on the exception requested, the instructor's or department chair's signature may also be required. Comments from these individuals indicating support for the petition or providing pertinent information, such as the last date the student attended class, are important. Petitions missing required information will be returned to the petitioner and a decision will be delayed.