Pianist performing in Harper Hall

The keyboard department at Lawrence University provides a broad and exceptional foundation for students interested in performance study, chamber music, accompanying, pedagogy and music education. The keyboard faculty comprises a group of internationally renowned performers and teachers who work closely with students in the development of individual potential and aspirations.

Each week students meet with other members of their studio for a group class that is offered by their private teacher. These sessions provide a venue for informal performance opportunities and also allow for broad discussions in regard to performance practice. All keyboard students are welcome to attend or perform in any studio class offered by a faculty member.

Chamber music is considered an integral part of the Lawrence Experience. All students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of chamber music experiences throughout their tenure on campus. Piano Duos, Quartets, and Quintets, in addition to numerous configurations for Organ and Harpsichord are just some of the available and possible ensembles. Often students will approach faculty for coachings on a specific piece or to register a self-designed chamber ensemble for credit. Students are encouraged to vigorously pursue chamber music opportunities beyond the wide range that are offered by the institution.

Students within the performance major also have the opportunity to pursue an emphasis in Piano Pedagogy. This program focuses on developing a performance major’s ability to teach a wide range of students. The program is designed to teach current piano students the elements of pedagogy in working with beginners to late intermediate levels. Students are able to teach at the Lawrence Academy of Music after participating in their first course. An emphasis in accompanying is also available to performance majors and extensive opportunity for collaboration with all studios in the conservatory is available.