Functional Keyboard Skills Overview

All piano and organ majors take Functional Skills for Keyboard Majors (MURP 301, 302) in the second and third terms of their freshmen year.  In this course, you will further develop the functional aspects of keyboard playing such as score reading, harmonization, transposition, and improvisation.  These keyboard skills will be related to and reinforce your theory and aural skills work.  It is very important for you to be able to "translate" theoretical concepts -- intervals, chord progressions, scales, etc. -- into sounds at the keyboard.  Since the course begins in Term II, no placement exam is needed when you arrive on campus.   Please refer to the FKS Exam Requirements sheet for more information about topics covered in the course and the chord progressions. 

Textbook for the class is Harmonization at the Piano, sixth edition, by Arthur Frackenpohl (ISBN 0-697-04393-2).

If you have any questions, contact Mary Van De Loo by phone (920-832-6637) or e-mail (