It is the policy of the Lawrence University machine shop to be operated in a safe manner. The safety program is intended to safe guard individuals authorized access to the machine shop, and protects the university. Access to machine shop equipment shall be restricted to trained personnel, and shall not be employed by casual or inexperienced users at any time.


1. These procedures apply to the Youngchild Hall Machine Shop, to support primarily science teaching and research, and to operate safely under OSHA Regulations.

2. A web-based Work Request system is in place for requesting all machine shop needs by university departments.

3. The machine shop equipment is restricted, requiring special training and use restrictions.  Access to the machine shop shall be restricted to authorized persons only.

4.   Authorized operators using machine shop equipment shall have received training including, at a minimum: general machine shop safety, including procedures for emergencies in the machine room, use of hand and portable power tools provided in the machine shop and housekeeping practices for a safe shop.

Authorized operators using specific individual pieces of machine equipment shall have received training including, at a minimum: safety procedures and precautions for the equipment, safety features of the equipment, basic operation of the equipment, recognized hazards posed by the equipment, and personal protective equipment necessary for safe use of the equipment.

Authorized operator records of the training received shall include at a minimum: name, signature of trained person, name and signature of trainer, and date of training. 

New student and non-student users will be trained and supervised by the Machinist.

University faculty and staff, who have received substantial machine shop training before this policy or highly experienced regularly assigned staff, are considered to have received all required training,

5. Personal protective equipment is a requirement. All persons entering the machine shop shall be responsible for wear of appropriate eye and/or hearing protection, and closed toe shoes. Other personal protective use may be required for some specific operations.

6. Use of machine shop equipment is permitted during normal hours. After hours use by students is restricted, and an authorized operator is strongly encouraged to notify or be accompanied by a person with the knowledge and ability to summon medical assistance. Regularly assigned shop staff is permitted to work alone.

7.  All machine shop equipment is maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and generally accepted machine shop practices. All authorized users are responsible to report any safety issues. Machine shop equipment includes, but not limited to: drill press, lathes, band saws, milling machines, grinders, shear, press, and belt sander. Also present are compressed air, welder, and power hand tools.