Advising for the Physics Major

A major in Physics can lead to a wide range of opportunities, from research into the nature of the universe to software engineering to teaching and beyond.  And it offers insight into the most fundamental nature of the universe.

The major benefits from a quick start, though - ideally in the freshman year.  How should you get started?

Here are two first-year possibilities:

Typical classes:


Physics 141; Math 140; Freshman Studies

Physics 141, Math 103, Freshman Studies (if rusty on trigonometry, polynomials, exponentials, logarithms, etc.)


Physics 151; Math 155; Freshman Studies

Physics 151; Math 140; Freshman Studies


Physics 220; Math 200; Elective

Physics 220; Math 155; Elective

Be sure to register for all three math and all three physics classes. For advance placement questions (and many students place forward in this sequence), please come and chat with a physics advisor: Jeff Collett, Douglas Martin, or Megan Pickett.  We're all on the 1st floor of Youngchild.  And we're happy to talk.  We can also offer advice on schedule conflicts, starting in the sophomore year, the Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Major, the physics minor, 3-2 engineering, and more.