Recent speakers include: 

Gary Gorman: the entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial traits, and opportunity recognition. 
Dr. David Campbell: discussion on disruptive innovation in higher education.
Gordon Nye (LU P’17): successes in his past and present startups, innovations, and entrepreneurship.
Jill Enos, Managing Director at ZyQuest Foundry: building an entrepreneurial life.
Omer Sayeed (LU '95), VP at Optum/United Health Group: Kuhnian paradigm shifts can create opportunities that drive innovation in corporate settings.
Dr. Richard Fessler (LU '74): his personal journey through medical entrepreneurship with a special emphasis on intellectual property.
Jonathan Bauer '83: innovation in the telecommunications industry.
David Calle: innovation and recent trends in consumer products.

Abir Sen: building a successful startup.

Adam Breseman '14: life in the Chicago startup world. 

Toni Sikes: entrepreneurship in the arts world.