The Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) interdisciplinary area is open to students from all academic areas, and many students from a wide variety of backgrounds have completed it since its inception in 2014. Some students choose to take just one or two I&E courses to get an introduction to the area. Students interested in completing the I&E interdisciplinary area need not have an advisor in I&E, but are encouraged to speak with one of their I&E professors about their plans. Specific recommendations:

  1. Students are encouraged to start by taking I&E 100: In Pursuit of Innovation, or GOVT 248: Social Entrepreneurship, or I&E 280: The Entrepreneurial Musician. 
  2. While many I&E courses have no prerequisites, I&E 300 requires I&E 110 and one of the courses listed above in 1. 
  3. The interdisciplinary area requirements list a number of courses in a variety of areas that can count as electives for I&E. Some of these have no prerequisites (or only I&E prerequisites), but some of them have significant prerequisites. For example, 400-level Economics courses are appropriate only for advanced Economics majors.
  4. Students should make plans for completing their practicum by the beginning of the year in which they plan to complete it. Students interested in participating in KidsGive should contact Dena Skran, and students interested in the Rabbit Gallery should contact Gary Vaughan. Students who have other plans for their practicum should contact the I&E program director well in advance.