Lawrence oboists in Björklunden in May 2012

Oboists at Bjorklunden

Oboe students drinking hot chocolate

Oboe student working at Bjorklunden


Lawrence oboists in Björklunden, November 2009

Oboe students hanging out

Oboe students outside at Bjorklunden

Oboists skipping stones in Lake Michigan

Oboe student performing at Bjorklunden

Oboe party, May 2010

Oboe students at the oboe party

Oboe students talking

Oboe student group picture


2008 Symphonic Band oboists

Oboe section of Symphonic Band

Howard Niblock with oboe students from Symphonic Band

Oboists in Bjorklunden, February 2009

Oboists in Bjorklunden

Oboists in Bjorklunden

Oboists performing at Bjorklunden

Oboe students out in the snow!