Physics Colloquium, Wednesday April 19th, 4:30 pm, Youngchild 115
“Artificial Atoms in Two-Dimensional Materials for Quantum Technologies”
Annemarie Exarhos, University of Pennsylvania

Physics Colloquium, Monday April 17th, 4:30 pm Youngchild 115
“Stimulated Raman Scattering: Ultrafast Pulses, Molecular Control, and Precision Measurement”
Joshua Weber, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Physics Colloquium, Wednesday April 12th, 4:30 pm, Youngchild 115
”Searching for WIMP dark matter annual modulation with DM-Ice”
Bethany Reilly, University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley

Physics Colloquium, Thursday January 12th, 11:10 am, Youngchild 115
“Antihydrogen Spectroscopy with ALPHA: Humanity’s first glimpse of antimatter”
Professor Tim Tharp, Marquette University

Physics Colloquium, Wednesday January 11th, 4:30 pm, Youngchild 115
“Crystallizing our understanding of Cosmic Rays using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole”
Professor Karen Andeen, Marquette University

Physics and Engineering Colloquium, Friday November 11th 4 pm, Youngchild 115
Growing Better Nanoparticles & Life at an Engineering Program
Stephen Exarhos '12, University of California, Riverside

Physics Colloquium, Thursday November 3rd 11:10 am, Youngchild 115
Silicon: Quantum Control in a Classic Material
Professor Mark Eriksson, University of Wisconsin