Freshman Studies —a two-term, interdisciplinary core course required of all freshmen — is the foundation of the Lawrence curriculum. The faculty members from across the university who teach in the program do more than pass along information; they model for students the challenging process of grappling with difficult or unfamiliar works, cultures, and ideas. In short, they help students learn how to learn. Each year since 1994, one faculty member has been recognized by the university for excellence in the teaching of Freshman Studies.

2020  Garth Bond, English
2019 Tim Spurgin, English
2018 Julie Haurykiewicz, Center for Academic Success
2017 Ameya Balsekar, Government
2016 Melissa Range, English
2015  Peter John Thomas, Russian
2014  Gene Biringer, Conservatory of Music
2013  Terry Gottfried, Psychology
2012  Steve Jordheim, Conservatory of Music
2011  Andrew Mast, Conservatory of Music
2010  Karen Hoffmann, English
2009  Pete Gilbert, Library
2008  Elizabeth Carlson, Art History
2007  Alan E. Parks, Mathematics
2006  Michael Orr, Art History
2005  David Hall, Chemistry
2004  Timothy X. Troy, Theatre Arts
2003  Howard Niblock, Music
2002  John Dreher, Philosophy
2001  Mary Blackwell, Chemistry
2000  Dirck Vorenkamp, Religious Studies
1999  Paul Cohen, History
1998  Carol Lawton, Art History
1997  Eilene Hoft-March, French
1996  Kathryn Kueny, Religious Studies
1995  Geoff Gajewski, Center for Academic Success
1994  Elizabeth DeStasio, Biology & Tim Spurgin, English