Program of Lectures for Freshman Studies, 1945-46

  Date Subject Speaker
1 Sept. 18, Tues Introduction to the Course Mr. Pusey
2 Sept. 21, Fri Being Yourself Miss Waples
3 Sept. 25, Tues Man as a Psychobiological Organism, I Mr. Griffiths
4 Oct. 2, Tues Man as a Psychobiological Organism, II Mr. Griffiths
5 Oct. 9, Tues Introduction to Our Reading of Plato's The Republic Mr. Pusey
6 Oct. 16, Tues Plato's Metaphysics Mr. Pusey
7 Oct. 23, Tues What Plato's Political Philosophy Means to Me Today Mr. Bober
8 Nov. 6, Tues. Is Language Behavior Logical or Psychological? Mr. Baker
9 Nov. 13, Tues. A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose Mr. Hill
10 Nov. 20, Tues. Before "Therefore" Mr. Schoenberger
11 Nov. 27, Tues. Galileo and the Meaning of Modern Science Mr. Gilbert
12 Dec. 4, Tues How a Scientist Makes Discoveries Mr. Rogers
13 Dec. 11, Tues Achievements of Science Mr. Darling
14 Jan. 4, Fri Why We Are Reading Machiavelli's The Prince Mr. Raney
15 Jan. 9, Tues Social Ethics of The Prince Mr. Raney
16 Jan. 15, Tues Social Ethics of J.S. Mill's On Liberty Mr. McConagha
17 Jan. 22, Tues The Troubles of the Social Scientist Mr. Bober
18 Feb. 5, Tues Demonstration of How to Read Hamlet Mr. Troyer
19 Feb. 12, Tues Hamlet Mr. Troyer
20 Feb. 19, Tues Hamlet Mr. Troyer
21 Feb. 26, Tues Introduction to Sophocles' Oedipus Rex Mr. Weston
22 March 5, Tues Oedipus Rex Mr. Weston
23 March 7, Thurs Lecture in Convocation on the Art of the Cinema Mr. Beck
24 March 12, Tues. The Art of the Cinema Mr. Beck or others
25 March 14, Thurs Lecture in Convocation on the Art of the Cinema Mr. Beck
26 March 18 Three lectures, undetermined as to subject  
27 March 19 and speaker, on a piece of music or on  
28 March 20 some examples of plastic art.  
29 March 26, Tues The Most Influential Gospel, John Mr. Kepler
30 Apr. 9, Tues   Visitor
31 Apr. 16, Tues The Meaning of Prophecy Mr. Kepler
32 Apr. 23, Tues Job's Struggle with the Problem of Suffering Mr. Kepler
33 Apr. 30, Tues What is Philosophy All About? Mr. Spielberg
34 May 7, Tues Is All Truth Relative? Mr. Spielberg
35 May 17, Tues Is It True That "There Is Nothing Good or Evil but Thinking Makes It So?" Mr. Spielberg
36 May 21, Tues The Nature of Education Mr. Pusey