Many students begin at Lawrence already considering a career in healthcare.  Other students recognize that they may want to pursue a health-related career in their senior year. It is never too late to pursue medicine as a career—the first step is always to get in touch with a pre-health advisor.

Below is a typical timeline for students who start taking pre-medical courses in their first year. 

First year:

  • Talk with a pre-health advisor about your goals and plans, and about how to plan out your Lawrence education.
  • Come to the pre-health academic information session during welcome week.
  • Take two terms of pre-requisite courses (typically Biology 130/150 or Chemistry 115/116) during this year.
  • Explore service-related co-curricular activities with an eye to finding one or two very rewarding activities you'll remain engaged in for the future.
  • Come to talks and presentations by healthcare professionals.
  • Make Lawrence your home and find out what you are passionate about, both in the classroom and in co-curricular activities.

Second year:

  • Talk again with a pre-health advisor to discuss how your plans are evolving.
  • Select your academic major. Remember, any major is suitable for a career in medicine.
  • Take two to four terms of pre-requisite courses (often through Chemistry 252).
  • Engage seriously in co-curricular activities, starting to take a leadership role in one.
  • Look for summer work involving medicine—volunteer activities at your local clinic, research activities at Lawrence or other universities and certified nurse assistant work are all possibilities. During this summer, begin to study for the MCAT exam.

Third year:

  • Talk, once again, with a pre-health advisor to discuss concrete post-graduate plans.
  • Engage seriously in your academic major—we hope you've found one that you are passionate about.
  • Continue to take a leadership role in a co-curricular activity.
  • Participate in the Lawrence shadowing program (fall/winter terms) to see the day-to-day life of a physician or two.
  • Complete your pre-requisite coursework in time to take the MCAT exam in the spring of this year.
  • Study seriously for the MCAT exam during the winter break.
  • Attend the Medical Muse retreat at Bjorklunden.
  • Talk with recommenders and begin to prepare your application, with a target date for submission of June following your third year. 
  • Look for summer work involving medicine.

Fourth year:

  • Talk, as always, with a pre-health advisor about post-graduate plans and interview strategies, if you are invited for interviews.
  • Finish secondary applications and go to interviews, if everything goes well.
  • Finish admissions pre-requisite coursework.
  • Complete your senior experience and major.
  • Consider alternatives/gap-year options (with an advisor) if not admitted this year.
  • Graduate.