Wind Ensemble – Saturday, February 17, 2018, 8p.m.

Andrew Mast, conductor
Guest artist: Tim Albright, trombone

Robert Kurka (1921-1957)
The Good Soldier Schweik Suite (1957)
     I. Overture
     II. Lament
     III. March
     VI. Finale
[Protest using satire]

Travis Cross (b. 1977)
Memento (2011)
[Protest of the usual conductor-led approach to music preparation]

Anthony Barfield (b. 1983)
Red Sky (2012)
Tim Albright, trombone


arr. Carl Rath (b. 1953)
Protest! (2018)
[Music from the rich protest tradition of 1960s rock music]

Karel Husa (1921-2016)
Music for Prague 1968 (1968)
     Introduction and fanfare
     Toccata and chorale
[Protesting oppression]