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Launched in June 2010, Lawrence’s LU-R1 program partners qualified Lawrence students who are majoring in the natural sciences with Lawrence alumni who are conducting research at leading R1 universities across the country. LU-R1 takes undergraduate research to the next level, providing significant opportunities usually reserved for graduate students at major universities, clinical research settings and government agencies. A secondary goal of the program is to provide research experiences that enhance students’ Senior Experience capstone projects.

A student must be a sophomore to apply for an LU-R1 scholarship. An advisory committee of biology, chemistry, physics, geology and environmental studies professors screens the applicants and makes the selections. The students selected to participate in LU-R1 are provided a lodging stipend and a travel grant.

“This is all about getting undergraduates excited about doing science and bringing that energy and electricity back to campus,” said Lawrence Professor Emeritus Nicholas Maravalo, who formerly directed the LU-R1 program. “We are taking a very good summer research program and making it better by providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to learn how to do science in a stimulating R1 environment.”

If you are a Lawrence alumnus who is doing research in the natural sciences and would like to be a part of the LU-R1 program, contact Professor Andrew Knudsen, Summer Research Program Coordinator.


The students are nominated by faculty in the natural science departments and their candidacy evaluated by members of the LU-R1 advisory committee. Those students that reach this point are then offered the opportunity to be placed with an alumni mentor in their discipline.