Fall 2022 Auditions excerpts for Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band

(Percussion and Jazz Ensemble participants will audition separately)

Saturday September 10th

New violins and violas: 5:00-5:48pm, Harper Hall
New Cellos: 6:30-7:24pm, Harper Hall

Sunday, Sept. 11:

Audition times to be determined

Auditions will be 5-6 minutes in length. Teachers have selected audition excerpts and you will find them below. If you have any questions regarding excerpts, please contact your studio teacher. Conductors reserve the right to request sight-reading with all auditioning students. Returning students should also be prepared to audition behind a screen.

Upon your arrival at school, please sign up for an audition time. Sheets will be at the conservatory office during welcome week and then will be posted to the Orchestra board (Strings) or Wind Band board (Woodwinds/brass), located by room Shattuck 163 and behind the main office in the Conservatory office building respectively. Time slots will be available on a first come/first served basis. Please sign up in order and do not leave any time slots empty. 

We encourage all non-music majors to audition for any ensemble. (Students who are NOT music music majors and would like to audition for Symphonic Band ONLY may prepare an etude or solo of their choice rather than the excerpts on the printed audition list. 

PLEASE EMAIL QUESTIONS TO: conservatory@lawrence.edu


If there is more than one link for an instrument, you may need all of them.

Please note excerpts for individual instruments are uploaded when they become available. If your instrument has no excerpts yet, check back soon. 

Flute: Fall (PDF),Winter (PDF), Spring (PDF)

Bass Trombone: Materials (PDF)

Clarinet:Materials (PDF) Euphonium: Materials (PDF)
Oboe: Materials (PDF) Tuba: Materials (PDF)
Saxophone: Materials (PDF) Violin: Materials (PDF)
Bassoon: Materials (PDF) Viola: Materials (PDF)
Trumpet: Materials (PDF) Cello: Materials (PDF)
Horn: Materials (PDF) Bass: Materials (PDF)
Tenor Trombone: Materials (PDF)  Percussion: Refer to the percussion audition webpage