Event Planning Checklist

Complete the student org event planning checklist to ensure your event is successful:

Event Planning Checklist


If your student organization is hosting a speaker, band, or other performer, you should use a contract to confirm the details of the event. A contract is required any time payment will be made to a speaker or performer, this includes campus bands.

The Office of Student Engagement, Activities, and Leadership (SEAL) has contracts that can be used if the performer does not have a contract of their own.

Event planners should work with the SEAL Office to ensure the contract is completed appropriately and in a timely fashion. Student leaders and club advisors cannot sign contracts and must work through the SEAL Office to obtain the necessary approval from the university's Financial Services office to complete the contract process.  This process should be completed at least two weeks before the scheduled performance.

Payment for speakers, performers, and events

When completing the contract process student leaders should also be prepared to gather the necessary paperwork to ensure timely payment for the speaker or performer. 

For student performers, payment is made through University payroll. Students not already in the payroll systems will need to complete their payroll paper work with the Payroll office in Brokaw Hall.

External performers will need to complete a W-9 form.  This form can be picked up from the SEAL Office.  The form should be completed by the performer and returned with the contract. This process should be completed at least two weeks before the scheduled performance.

Trip Waivers

Complete this form to request approval for trips and travel. Trips need to be approved before departure.

Please be aware that University guidance on trips and travel may prevent co-curricular travel. For the latest guidance on travel please read Lawrence University's COVID-19 travel policies and consult with the Office of SEAL for more information.

Event and Party Planning

If your student organization is planning a party or event, please read the new guidelines due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find them on the web page called: "Can we host any events or meetings on campus?" If you are able to meet those criteria for your event, then fill out the registration form.

For more information, please visit the Office of Student Activities on 4th floor in  Warch Campus Center. Face to face office hours are limited. Staff is available in the office from 10am to 2pm Tuesday through Friday. Please email Student.Activities@lawrence.edu as the preferred mode of communication if you are able to do so. Thanks!