Your vehicle must be registered on Voyager in order to participate in the lottery for 24-hour parking spaces.  The lottery is run prior to the start of the term. Students with two or more parking tickets issued in the previous term will not be eligible for the lottery. There will be a $75 per term fee for students who obtain a lottery spot. Lottery parking fees are charged to your student account. The special lottery sticker will be sent to your campus mailbox. Different lottery stickers will be issued each term. Stickers are to be placed on the inside back (rear) window, passenger side. Parking fees are used to defray costs of parking enforcement.

24-hour parking spaces will be assigned to students with physical disabilities or medical needs.  The remaining spaces will be given to students by lottery drawn by seniority.  Each student requesting a medical exemption must submit a written request in advance of the lottery to the Dean of Students office regarding their need for a 24-hour space by noon on the Wednesday before the lottery draw day.  A statement from the student's doctor confirming the need for the exemption from the lottery must accompany this request.

Individuals who do not win a 24-hour student lottery spot will be added to a waiting list on a first come, first serve basis.  Openings shall be filled from those people on the waiting list, following seniority and the lottery number priorities, at the beginning of each term.  Transfer of registration stickers is prohibited.

If you have questions about the parking lottery, email the Dean of Students office.

Parking Lottery

Any student with a registered vehicle can sign up for the lottery for 24-hour parking. Log on to Voyager and go to the Student Services - Vehicle Registration & Parking Lottery page.