Tickets will be issued for any violation of university parking policy, including failure to register, parking in fire lanes, on the lawn or sidewalk, in a handicapped or reserved space or restricted zone, or in an unauthorized area. Vehicles illegally parked in fire lanes, in emergency areas, or on sidewalks, lawns, residence hall director's space, and tenant parking will be towed immediately. Appleton police may also ticket and/or tow vehicles parked in fire lanes. A student, faculty, or staff member may receive up to two tickets during the academic year without penalty. A student, faculty, or staff member may receive one ticket during the academic year without penalty. However, the vehicle may be police ticketed upon the second and all subsequent tickets, and in addition, it may be towed at the owner's expense upon receipt of the third ticket and any ticket thereafter.

Parking violations may be appealed in writing to the University Parking Committee (in care of the Office of Campus Safety). Only students whose cars are registered at the time the ticket is issued may appeal a parking violation. The committee, named by the president, is comprised of members of the faculty, staff, and student body, and is chaired by the director of Facility Services or his representative.

Two or more violations in any given term will disqualify a student from entering the parking lottery for the remainder of the subsequent term on campus, including the next academic year. Excessive parking violations, however, as determined by the University Parking Committee, shall be considered a violation of the Lawrence University Code of Student Responsibility (see the Student Handbook). The University Parking Committee reserves the right to bring such violations before the Judicial Board, and the appointed student member of the University Parking Committee will be responsible for submitting a list of ineligible students on the morning of the parking lottery.