About vehicle registration and parking

To better utilize our limited parking facilities, the university has established a system by which students, faculty, and staff share parking spaces.  Most of campus parking lots are utilized by faculty and staff during daytime hours, Monday through Friday.  The same lots are available for student parking overnight and on weekends.  In addition, a limited number of spaces are available to students for 24-hour parking and are allocated by LUCC through a lottery conducted at the beginning of each term.  There is also a city parking ramp located a short distance from campus.

STUDENTS:  Register Your Vehicle on Voyager (go to the Student Services menu - Vehicle Registration & Parking Lottery). 


After completing the Voyager vehicle registration process, students will be provided with a vehicle sticker, which will be placed in your campus mailbox prior to the start of the term.

Student vehicles must be registered each academic year on Voyager in order to enter the lottery for a 24-hour parking spot. There is no charge for registration.

Students should update Voyager promptly if their vehicle information changes. If bringing a different vehicle to campus than was originally registered, students will need to register the new vehicle. If you have questions about registering your vehicle, email the Dean of Students Office.

Parking Lottery

Any student with a registered vehicle can sign up for the lottery for 24-hour parking. Log on to Voyager and go to the Student Services - Vehicle Registration & Parking Lottery page. 

Ramp Parking

If you are interested in purchasing a ramp pass for city controlled parking - please contact the City of Appleton, Department of Public Works at 920-832-6474.