COVID-19 Updates for Fall 2020

Friendship Family Visit Policy

We ask that friendship families prioritize virtual or masked outdoor meetings that are within walking distance to campus during Fall Term.  We encourage our Friendship Family program members to participate in our online programming schedule!  For families that decide to meet their student in person, please note that our students have agreed to honor the Lawrence Campus Community Pledge and follow physical distancing requirements noted below and they will be at risk for university sanction or dismissal if the guidelines are not followed.

Relevant University Physical Distancing and Health Guidelines for Friendship Family Program
  • Lawrence students can participate in in-person gatherings outside while masked and/or keeping a six foot distance.  Eating together outside is okay, if a six foot distance is maintained.
  • Non-instructional, social gatherings indoors are to be limited to 10 individuals while also remaining 6 feet apart. Meeting should remain consistent with CDC/ACHA and state public health guidelines.  Indoor meetings are discouraged for Friendship Family Program during Fall Term.
  • Students are highly discouraged from going to bars and restaurants for anything beyond take-out and/or pickup.
  • Students are asked to minimize visits to shops by planning ahead to reduce the number of trips and time spent in public indoor spaces.
  • If visits occur on campus, please follow the Campus Guest Policy.  Students must register/invite guests prior to the visit.
  • We encourage students to minimize transportation off campus.  When transportation is needed for essential off campus travel, please follow CDC recommendations.

For more information, the Planning for Fall 2020 website has the full list of Physical Distancing Guidelines and other university policies.  Please contact International House ( with any questions regarding in person visits.

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