International Connections

International Student Services seeks 10-15 upper class students to serve as International Connection Summer Mentors.  APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 26, 2020, midnight.

Selected candidates will serve as an international mentor throughout the summer, facilitating communication with new students prior to arrival and during initial adjustment to campus (early Fall Term).  New students can contact their mentors over the summer to ask any questions and will spend time with them during the "International Connections Dinner" after school begins (First Week, Wednesday).  The international mentor can be a great source of information about adjusting to campus, learning about the United States and Appleton, Wisconsin, and learning how to navigate curricular and co-curricular options at Lawrence University.

Compensation:  Volunteer position (unpaid), volunteer hours on co-curricular record.

Expected workload: 1-2 hours/week over summer and fall term.

Time Commitment: Weekly email check-ins during summer and fall term. International Connections Dinner meeting: Wednesday of First Week.

Upper class International Connection Application

Upper class students, if you are interested in serving as an International Orientation Leader and Mentor, please complete the following form.  Expectations of the match include:

  • Attending the International Connections Dinner on Wednesday of first week.
  • Being willing and able to communicate with a small group of new students over e-mail during the summer and into the fall term as they adjust to campus.
  • Answering any questions about curricular and co-curricular options at Lawrence.
  • Referring students to the ISS Office if needed.
  • Completing the "Think about It" training (if you have not already) so you can support incoming freshmen who are required to take the training. 
  • Completing Bystander Intervention Training (if you have not already) so you can support and refer to appropriate resources during your mentoring duties.

Contact with any questions.

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