Lawrence University affords unique opportunities for Residence Life professionals to expand their knowledge of Student Affairs operations. As a critical component of our Residential Education & Housing program, Residence Hall Directors manage all aspects of their assigned residence halls, ranging from 300-350 students in total. Residence Hall Directors report to the Associate Dean of Students for Residential Education and Housing.

Our Mission Statement

The Office of Residential Education and Housing places the student voice at the center of all that we do. We seek to create an educational environment that promotes community wellness through development of the whole self, fostering of intentional conversations, and active engagement in the residential community.  We inspire the next generation of thinkers and doers to engage in a transformative experience by providing spaces that empower students to practice inclusivity and respect.

Our Value Statements

  • Students are our most valuable resource. Attention to each student’s needs is a high priority.
  • We treat our students, each other, and members of the University community with respect and care.
  • Diversity is sought and celebrated among our staff.
  • Staff training and development is a high priority in maintaining a positive service approach and a re-energizer for our motivation to perform well within our jobs. In-services, training, workshops, and staff meetings are important for this reason.
  • Effective and open communication will be encouraged up and down organizational channels.
  • Feedback, especially constructive feedback, is valued!
  • Students and staff will be included in decisions and input wherever possible.
  • We demonstrate a positive commitment to providing excellent service in our interactions with others.
  • Differences among students and staff are to be respected and appreciated. Listen and understand before assuming we are right and others are wrong.
  • Balancing our personal lives with our work roles is vital.
  • Recognition is important in building positive student and staff communities.
  • Having fun and enjoying our jobs and each other is crucial to our success.