Lawrence University's Green Room Certification

Lawrence University is committed to sustainability and decreasing its impact on the environment. Since Lawrence is a residential campus, the individual lifestyle choices of Lawrentians can play a significant role in helping Lawrence to meet its sustainability goals. The Green Room Certification program provides a framework for sustainable living on campus and recognizes students who strive to reduce their daily impact on the environment.

Please fill out this form with all roommates present. After the form has been submitted, a Sustainability CA will schedule a time to do a walk-through of your room and present your certification.

Certification is awarded to students who meet criteria outlined in the green room checklist. Students can earn one of three certification levels based on the number of points they receive:
Silver: 50-80 points
Gold: 81-150 points
Platinum: 151+ points

Why Participate?
• Reduce your impact on the environment
• Learn how to save money by cutting energy and water use and changing consumption habits
• Help Lawrence to achieve it sustainability goals

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