All students who reside in Kohler Hall sign a substance-free living agreement.  Please review the policy if you're interested in substance-free living in Kohler Hall.

Kohler Substance-Free Living Policy
Lawrence University - Department of Residential Education and Housing

Kohler Hall has been designated as a substance-free living area under LUCC legislation.  The intention of substance-free living is to provide a safer, healthier living environment for those students who wish to participate in such a lifestyle.

No alcohol or other harmful drugs of any type will be permitted within the building.  While it is not against legislation to consume alcoholic beverages and legal drugs outside the confines of Kohler Hall, it is disruptive to the residence hall community as a whole to engage in this type of behavior in this living space.

The penalties for violations of this policy could consist of the following:

  • Conference with Residence Hall Director
  • Design and implementation of a community service/educational program
  • Attendance at a campus alcohol and other drug use/abuse program
  • And/or withdrawal of substance-free living privileges