What You Should Bring


Below is a list of items we recommend bringing to Lawrence. (Please note that this list is not exhaustive)

Bathroom items:

  • Shower caddy to take your toiletries to and from the shower
  • Shower flip-flops: you will be using the same showers as other people on your floor, so using these is a great way to stop the spread of bacteria)
  • Towels
  • Basic toiletries: try to use items more sustainable items such a bars of soap rather than liquid soap to reduce plastic waste!
  • Hand towel for drying dishes as well as hands (This helps cut down on paper waste)

Bedroom items:

  • Pictures, posters, and plants to make your room feel like home (poster tack/adhesive putty is recommended for hanging anything on walls - duct tape and masking tape damage the walls, and Scotch tape is hard to remove)
  • Clothes hangers/closet organizers
  • Bed linens, blankets, pillows (we recommend extra-long sheets)alarm clock
  • Area rug (please note we are unable to store carpeting in our storage facilities due to fire code regulations, so you would need to take it home or make other arrangements for the summer)
  • Laundry hamper and detergent (we recommend looking for more eco-friendly plant-based detergents)
  • Portable speaker
  • Fan (coordinate with your roommate so you don’t bring more than you need)
  • Reusable food storage containers
  • Reusable plate/bowl/utensils
  • Power strips: Every dorm room has multiple outlets, so depending on how many appliances you have, you might not need to bring a power strip. However, if you do think you need one, we suggest getting a smart strip with surge protection that automatically shuts off power to products that are in standby mode

Check out our Green Room Certification Checklist for other tips for sustainable dorm living

Out and about items:

  • Backpack or book bag
  • Headphones (so you won't disturb your roommate)
  • Key ring
  • Portable mug/thermos (You can save money and plastic in the café by bringing your own mug and getting a discount)
  • Reusable tote-bag and water bottle (No plastic bags or water bottles are provided in Warch Campus Center to reduce plastic waste)

What You Don't Need to Bring

Here are some things you might not need to bring to Lawrence:

  • Personal mini-fridge: You can save money and help save energy by instead using the communal fridges found in the kitchen of every building. (If you do decide to bring one, refrigerators larger than 4.5 cubic feet are prohibited)
  • Extra linen: Every building has a laundry facility, so you can keep reusing the same linens instead of bringing extras
  • Television: TV’s are bulky and hard to carry and store, and also take up a lot of space. If you want a bigger screen, you can connect your laptop to TV’s in the communal lounge areas of every building and maybe make a friend as well!
  • Printer: All students are allocated a printing budget with printers in every major building
  • Stapler/tape: CA desks are supplied with basic stationery needs like staplers, scotch tape, and masking tape. You just need to make sure to return them!
  • Basic kitchenware: CA desks also are supplied with basic kitchen supplies like kettles, pots, and pans
  • Vacuum cleaner: All buildings are provided with a vacuum cleaner as well as a broom and dustpan for communal use
  • Drying rack/iron/ironing board: All laundry facilities in buildings provide these items
  • Desk lamp: All desks in dorms have a desk lamp built in! However, if you do decide to bring a desk lamp, we recommend lamps with LED bulbs
  • Personal vehicle: There are a ton of different options to get around in Appleton, from the LU shopping shuttle to the Enterprise Car Share program. Save money and your carbon footprint by leaving your personal vehicle at home
  • Tool kit: Campus facilities is there to help you fix anything that might break in your room or dorm
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies: Unless you are moving into a room with a private bathroom, custodial staff will regularly clean all bathroom

What You’re Not Allowed to Bring

The following items are against University policy:

  • Hot plate, grill, toaster oven, toaster, space heaters (basically, anything with an open coil is prohibited under fire code and is too dangerous)
  • Microwaves (they blow fuses), but microwaves are available in each residence hall
  • Halogen lamps (too hot, and often dangerous)
  • Candles or anything with an open flame (a big fire code no-no)
  • Tapestries that hang from the wall or ceiling (another fire code no-no)
  • Anything that would require you to remove your window screen (air conditioner, satellite dish, etc.)
  • Pets (any type of pet, besides fish, needs to be approved by your floor before it can be brought to campus - see Student Handbook)