Residence Hall Rooms

Soon after you move into your room, it will become your home away from home. Each student room is equipped with essential furnishings, including beds, desks and chairs, dressers, wastebaskets, closets or wardrobes, and window treatments. Some rooms include sinks, mirrors, lounge chairs, lamps, and bookshelves. All rooms are painted a neutral color. Students need to bring their own bed linens, blankets, pillows, towels, and hangers. We suggest you bring extra-long, extra deep pocket sheets (or extra long flat sheets that you can tuck in) because some mattresses are larger than normal, and you never know what size mattress you will have as you move into different rooms in future years.

Most residence hall rooms have modular furniture that allows students to bunk or loft the beds and configure the room in a way that will maximize space. Because homemade lofts can be unsafe (poor construction and/or fire hazard), we discourage the construction of lofts. LU provides secure wireless access to the campus data network throughout the campus. Please refer to the information from Technology Services to determine what your computer will need in the way of software and hardware to interface with the campus network. Students can also check out "mini-hubs" from Technology Services, which allow up to four computers to connect to one of the room connections.

To see floor plans of residence hall rooms, please click on the floor plan links on the individual building pages: Colman Hall, Kohler Hall, Ormsby Hall, Plantz Hall, Sage Hall, Trever Hall.