Roommate Agreement

This Agreement will be completed together with your roommate upon arrival to campus.

This agreement is provided to assist you in developing a positive environment in your room. Communal living is an important aspect of the residential college experience. You will learn many things about yourself and develop important skills of communication, compromise, and cooperation by sharing spaces with others.

Experience has shown that conflicts between roommates generally fall in to certain predictable categories. During the summer, you were asked to answer questions pertaining to these categories individually. Please take the time now to share your answers with your roommate. This may seem trivial, but many conflicts between roommates begin when ‘little things’ begin to annoy one person or another. By completing this form, roommates are taking a proactive approach to fostering positive roommate relations.

This agreement is not set in stone. As with any relationship, the roommate relationship needs to be flexible. Preferences and schedules can change throughout the year. This agreement will serve as a foundation for the relationship and catalyst for communication about sharing a living space. 

If conflicts arise, speak with your roommate first. Talk the problem through before it becomes a major issue. Communication is the key - before, during, and after conflicts or situations come up. If this step is not successful, then contact your Community Advisor (CA). Your CAs (as well as your Hall Director) are experienced in dealing with problems that arise and should be able to assist you in conflict resolution.

Remember that you owe your roommate the courtesy of speaking to them first before seeking help from the ResEd Staff.  Please spend the time now to review your roommates’ preferences and develop a plan for how to successfully manage these differences. 

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