The Office of Residential Education and Housing at Lawrence University welcomes you to the unique opportunity that is living at Lawrence. Living on campus will undoubtedly provide some of the most memorable moments of your college experience.

If you are like most students, you are very eager (and maybe a bit nervous) to begin living away from home. In every way possible, we want to make Lawrence another home for you, one that you will look back on with fondness.

You are probably anticipating meeting your new roommate, and you may be curious about your room and how you will make it your home. Lawrence's residence halls offer an exciting environment for living and learning. As you prepare to enter Lawrence, we want you to know that life in the residence halls is as integral to your experience as what you will learn in the classroom. We offer educational programs, leadership opportunities, and a full calendar of social, cultural, and recreational activities for you to engage in with your campus community.

You will hear the idea of the Lawrence Community referred to often, and with excitement, during your time as a student. You will live with students similar to yourself and meet people with different backgrounds who will all shape the person you are about to become. Whatever your experience, life on campus will help you come to know yourself as never before.

To make Lawrence your home, we encourage you to become involved in community and Residential Education & Housing. Take advantage of what residence life has to offer, and your time at Lawrence will be well spent. Our staff will assist you in getting to know other students and adjusting to college life. Our personal commitment to blending the co-curricular experience with academics helps create a healthy living and learning environment for all residents. Ultimately, you will define your own Lawrence experience and come to know the campus community in your own unique way.

Best wishes for a great year,

Amy Uecke
Associate Dean of Students for Residential Education and Housing

Code of Student Responsibility

"We as a community have established the Code of Student Responsibility, which we individually affirm as a condition of our membership in the community. The Code of Student Responsibility includes both an Honor Code for academic conduct and a Social Code for social conduct...."

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