Lawrence University Residence Hall Terms of Agreement and Conditions of Occupancy

Lawrence is by design and policy a residential college, and students are expected to live on campus. Exceptions are granted to veterans, fifth-year students (including those starting their fifth year or later after high school), married students, students in documented domestic partnerships, or students with dependent children. Please read the following, then indicate your acceptance of these statements in Voyager. You may print an extra copy of this for your records.

Residence Hall Bill of Rights

Members of a community have certain rights and responsibilities. The following list is issued to remind each resident of their rights and responsibilities to their roommate and fellow residents.

  • The right to read and to study free from undue interference.
  • The right to sleep without undue disturbances from noise, distractions, etc.
  • The right to expect that others will respect one's personal belongings.
  • The right to live in a clean, smoke-free environment.
  • The right to enjoy personal privacy.
  • The right to host guests with the expectation that guests are to respect the rights of a roommate and fellow residents.
  • The right to enjoy free access to one's room and to the facilities provided in the residence hall.
  • The right to redress grievances.
  • The right to be free from fear of intimidation, physical or emotional harm.
  • The right to expect that these rights and privileges will be respected by all members of the community.

Basic Terms: The room contract is binding for the entire academic year and applies to all residences. Rooms may be occupied and meals will be served during all periods stated in the course catalog, subject to change by the university without prior notice. Students must be enrolled as an undergraduate at the university to be eligible for room and board.

Housing Cancellation / Refund: You should consult the current course catalog for information regarding any possible housing refund.

Use of Room: The room assigned to a student(s) is to be occupied only by that student(s) and may not be sublet or used for any purpose other than residential.

Damages: The university cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal property. Students agree to accept responsibility for all property assigned to them and agree to pay for repairs made necessary through their fault or negligence or that of their guests. The university reserves the right to inspect rooms for damage. Damage to university property will be charged to the individual involved whenever possible. If damages cannot be attributed to a single individual or group of students, all residents of the floor or housing facility may be required to share equally in the cost.

Check-out and Vacating Rooms: Upon termination of contract, room change, or leave of absence or withdrawal, the student must check out with a Residential Education and Housing staff member. Check-out includes completion of a room inventory and the return of keys. Any student neglecting to follow proper procedure will be assessed appropriate fines and will forfeit the right to contest individual billing for room damages. All personal belongings must be removed at the time of departure.

Room Changes: Room changes in residence halls must be initiated through the Residential Education and Housing Office. All changes must be authorized by the Residential Education and Housing Office prior to the move. Any student changing rooms without proper authorization may be billed for both rooms.

Rules and Regulations: Each student is subject to all rules and regulations for university residence halls as stated in the Student Handbook, Course Catalog and University website and printed materials.