When do Culinary Cash and meal swipes reset?

Meal swipes refresh on a weekly basis (except for group house meal plans).  Each week starts with Friday breakfast and ends after Thursday dinner. Every Friday morning your meal plan balance will be reset.

Culinary cash does not re-set each week, rather it is you amount for the entire term. It does not roll over from term to term, therefore any balance remaining at the end of the term is forfeited.

Swipe counts and culinary cash balances can be seen in your student Voyager account.

Why must I sign up for a meal plan?

Our college meal plans are designed to foster a sense of community and embrace the fact that dining together is an important part of a Lawrence University residential liberal arts educational experience. Meal plans encourage and support communal dining while offering enough flexibility to meet individual student needs.

What is Culinary Cash?  How is it different from Viking Gold? What happens if I don't spend all my Culinary Cash or Viking Gold?

Culinary Cash is a declining balance fund that is part of every meal plan. The funds can be used for food purchases at these locations in the Warch Campus Center: Andrew Commons, the cafe & coffee shop, and Kate's Corner Store. Although you cannot add to your Culinary Cash account, you can add funds to Viking Gold, which can be used for food and other purchases on campus, including LU clothing, postage, and laundry. 

Culinary Cash is yours for the term; the funds do not roll forward from one term to the next and can only be used while classes are in session. At the end of each term unused funds will be removed from your account. (Watch for signs posted at Kate's Corner Store, campus center level 2, and Andrew Commons, campus center level 1, at the end of the term describing ways to donate the funds to area not-for-profit organizations.)

Viking Gold is good for the entire time you're at Lawrence University. 

You can check your balance for both funds on Voyager; log on and go to Student Services–Meal Plan Selection or Student Services –Viking Gold.

What if I have special dietary needs?

Visit the Bon Appetit office on the 1st floor of the campus center to talk with director Julie Severance, or call her office at 920-832-7314. Her staff will work with you to develop meal offerings.

I'm hungry for _____ OR I'm tired of ____.  How can I let Bon Appetit know about that?

Look for comment cards near cash registers at Andrew Commons (1st floor of the campus center) or at the cafe on the main level. You also can fill out an online form to let your thoughts be known.

What's being served today at Andrew Commons?

Check out the menu!