Budget Request 2022-23 Academic Year

The budget application process is now OPEN for the 2022-23 academic year. Submitted budgets will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis and decisions will be given by the end of the term. If you have questions please reach out via email to lucc@lawrence.edu.


It is required by the LUCC Finance Committee to submit a formal request. It is important to plan ahead and submit a budget request that assists the Finance Committee comprehend the groups’ goals and financial needs. Submitting these requests ahead of time will allow the Finance Committee to review them and provide you with a decision in a timely manner. In order to submit an acceptable request for review please follow all of the directions in the documents below (accessible via link). Submitted requests that do not follow all of the instructions stated in the pertinent budget request form are subject to denial.

Note: In order to present a balanced budget to General Council the LUCC Finance Committee often needs to make cuts or adjustments to a student organization’s budget request.  If you would like to discuss your budget request with the committee before decisions are made reach out via email to lucc@lawrence.edu to arrange a budget hearing.

The Finance Committee will make determinations based on the information provide in your budgets request.  As a reminder, groups are encouraged to come back to Finance Committee next year to request a re-allocation, or new allocation, for items not covered in the student organization’s initial budget request. We suggest that your budget request and all supporting materials be as detailed and thorough as possible (give us the fullest and most detailed picture). This will allow the committee to make an informed and equitable decision that financially benefits your group. 

LUCC Budget Request Form 2022-23

In order to submit an acceptable request for review to the LUCC Finance Committee, submit the following materials:

  1. Budget Request Form 2022-23
    1. Budget Request Form for LUCC recognized student organizations & Standing Committees: https://lawrenceu-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/thomasla_lawrence_edu/Ee_gQ_rvgsJIvltMYP5FB5UBZdj_sINBMYQvF8L5QVY0hA?e=VO8n7y
    2. Please download the form and complete it 
  2. Submit supporting materials
    1. Budget Breakdown: excel, t-chart, or any other form that will allow you to provide us with as much detail as possible about your request 
  3. Send budget request forms and all supporting materials to via email to:
    1. lucc@lawrence.edu
  4. Email:
    1. Subject of email: (Committee/Organization name) Budget request 2022-23
    2. Include 1-2 sentences briefly describing the events you expect to host, and the total amount you are requesting for the 2022-23 academic year
    3. Signature:
      1. Name
      2. Title/Role within Committee/Organization

Note: Please carefully review all of the instructions and requirements stipulated in the documents above. Any submitted requests that do not follow the instructions and fulfill the requirements is subject to be denied and/or delayed in the review process. 

Review of the submitted application is contingent on successful completion of the re-recognition process (LUCC Organizations), or the (re) appointment process (LUCC Standing Committees). Unsuccessful completion of these procedures will result in your budget request being delayed or denied for review.